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Supercar Street Challenge
Scheduled release date: Spring 2001
Publisher: Activision
Developer: ?
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-?

   The publisher of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and X-Men Mutant Academy is already working on a PS2 game. In its respectively early stages Street Lethal is a racing game and is all about concept cars. Activision took a new approach where they are hard at work on creating a stellar racing game that will put some heat up between games like Gran Turismo 2000 and Ridge Racer 5. Not much has been revealed yet about the game, and this is currently what we found so far 4 screens. Read on for the full preview.

   Activision will be taking matters into their own hands as they will be publishing as well as developing the racer for Sony's monster. Right now the game looks pretty good, but honestly nowhere near the caliber of GT2000. Looking at this game and not knowing that Activision was behind the product, you'd think that this was a new Test Drive game. I say this because of the way the screenshots look, the camera angles are placed very similarly to Test Drive games. Although overall the visuals are sharp, car models look smooth and finely detailed. Take a look at the screens notice that one of the shots where you cans see the Eiffel Tower, do you know what the means? That means that Street Lethal's game engine is pop-up free, or at least pop-up is extremely distant. Okay, so this game doesn't seem to push the PS2 as much as GT2000 probably will, but the game is distant from its expected release date. It is scheduled for a Spring 2001 release. Besides I think the visuals are great.

   Not only do the environments and car models look spectacular but the gameplay portion of Street Lethal will offer spectacular features. Activision has said that players will be pitted with 10 concept cruisers that are waiting to tear up asphalt and run over road kill. Of course the fun doesn't stop there, it has also been said that there are many secret tracks and cars to be unlocked, so the replay meter is quite high. The two stages you see in the shots are London and Paris, they look great and Activision is doing a great job of putting together a great racer for even the most hard-core gamer.

6/10/2000   SolidSnake