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MX Superfly 2003
Scheduled release date: Summer 2002
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Pacific Coast Power & Light
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Last yearís MX 2002 by THQ had its share of flaws, but still retained a fun, addictive freestyle mode and was also a great overall game for any motocross fan. Now, Pacific Coast hopes to bring back all the goodies from last year along with a slew of improvements here and there.

   MX 2002ís main flaw was probably the somewhat awkward physics in the racing mode and the difficulty to pull out a top place. Luckily, MX 2003 hopes to improve on many things. For starters, the physics are being heavily worked on--trying to create the most accurate feel possible (which isnít easy at all to do pertaining to dirt bikes). Sure, Pacific Coast will be aiming for a lot of accurate interpretations of the real sport; however, you can still come to expect the over-the-top freestyle mode, letting you pull of tricks that could only be landed in video games. Freestyle was arguably the best part of MX 2002 and really the only reason to play it. Therefore, PC is not only bringing it back, but heavily improving on it saying that we can expect more depth-defying tricks, and more lush, detailed levels. In addition, we can also expect more wide open areas.

   MX 2003 will feature 14 pro riders who can shred the dirt in an overwhelming 22 tracks. Players will also have a lot more freedom this time around. Create-a-player mode as well as the ability to tweak and rearrange the current tracks is strong proof of this. After you create your own superstar, or just choose from one of the current superstars, you can then compete in either Freestyle or Career mode. A nice addition to Career mode is the fact that you can now win cash after races, which can them be used towards upgrading your dirt bike. If you become very successful, sponsors (6 real life ones) will be all over you in hopes of you to sport their brand name.

   As mentioned earlier, Freestyle was a great feature in MX 2002. So why not make it even better? MX 2003ís Freestyle will hold the same roots of its predecessors. This year, however, will offer up an engorgement of new features and elements. The levels have been enlarged to a substantial degree. Added are hidden mineshafts, hidden pathways, multiple levels, cliffs and hidden levels, which can all be found throughout the different levels. Lastly, is the 11 mini-games throughout the game, similar to the ones in last years version.

   This latest motocross installment by THQ, featuring Ricky Carmichael, is seemingly going to be better than last yearís installment in every which way, which can only mean great things. Be on the lookout for MX 2003 this Summer.

2/12/2002   Joseph Comunale