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Red Card 20-03
Scheduled release date: May 2002
Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Midways Games
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4

  Throughout the years, Midway has taken numerous sports titles, thrown most of their rules out the window, took the gameplay to an extreme, and as a whole have completely revamped the various sports they’ve worked with. Football, basketball, and just recently hockey, have all undergone Midway’s traditional extreme formula. They now plan to take a new sport under they’re extreme line. You guessed it, none other than soccer.

   A red card in soccer is given by the referee towards an extreme foul or back talk to the ref. Two yellow cards or one red card will eject you from the game. In essence, a red card is basically the equivalent to a technical in basketball. So it’s only fitting that this over-the-top game would sport the name Red Card 20-03.

   A traditional soccer game is normally low scoring, and somewhat slow paced. Well, you know that won’t be true pertaining to Red Card. The game of soccer has never looked more flashy. On offense, there’s three different passes you can make including both lob and ground passes. To attempt a shot, you can use either the right-analog stick or the d-pad. And the type of shot you take will depend of the different variables in the situation. But you can’t have an over-the-top soccer game without the flashy goals. Right? This is where the bicycle kicks and headers come into play, which are pulled off in a very appealing, arcade-like fashion. Another facet of the game which plays a huge role is the slide kick move, which usually results in a turnover or a foul in a real soccer game. Though, since the referees are so lenient, the game can sometimes turn into a tackle-fest. This can be avoided, however, by simply hurdling over the slide at the appropriate time.

   Midway is certainly known for bending the rules, and Red Card is no exception. A lot of turnovers will result in slide kicks and other tackles, which would normally end in a red card. However, the whole game won’t just be some slide kicking contest, because red cards will come into play, they just won’t be given out nearly as much as a simulation game. The red cards that are given out will allow the recipient to receive a free kick against the goalie, one on one.

   Though the game’s rules are a bit more irrelevant in Red Card, the graphics don’t really hold that same intense flare seen by other Midway games. Red Card 20-03 looks very similar to other simulation based games of the sport. Furthermore, there’s no "on-fire" whatsoever. *Ahh shucks* Another stray away from Midway’s traditional formula is the fact that Red Card actually makes use of all 11 players on each team on the field at once. These players look very good so far, as do their jerseys. In addition to this, the stadiums and all sorts little tidbits found inside are also pretty good looking; and the game runs at a constant 60-fps.

   While Red Card doesn’t feature every FIFA team, it does still boast 52 of them with all the real-life players on those teams. Midway did pick up another sport to add to its over-the-top list, but Red Card just doesn’t seem as extreme as Midway’s other exaggerations in the respective sports. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on which you prefer. Regardless, the bottom line is that Red Card is a nice mixture of both the extreme and simulation aspects of this sport and should please fans of each style. Be on the lookout for Red Card 20-03, which is expected to hit stores this May.

2/25/2002   Joseph Comunale