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Mr. Mosquito
Scheduled release date: March 2002
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Sony
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1-2 (1-8 Online)

  Why on Earth would a game be given the name Mr. Mosquito? In any other case, this title would be quite misleading, but the title is actually very straight forward. Believe it or not, Sonyís latest title pits you in the shoes...err, wings of a minute bug, to be more precise, a blood-thirsty mosquito.

   Itís pretty obvious that mosquitoes donít live a very engaging life. Perhaps, they may have some fun, but for the most part, they just fly around looking for some unsuspecting victim in which they can then suck his or her blood. Ironically, this is essentially the plot behind Mr. Mosquito. As a tiny mosquito, youíre placed inside the Yamada home. In their home, your objective is to, one by one, snack on the various members of the family. Each level calls for you to target a certain family member.

   However, true to the real world, humans wonít just stand there and let some irritating little mosquito make a meal out of them. If one of the Yamadaís do happen to spot you, Battle Mode is then put into play. They will relentlessly swat and swing their hands in hopes to squish you. But, in addition, they can wield bug sprays, which make your mission all the more harder. So as the mosquito, your hands, or whatever...will be very full. After a while, your arduous task will then simmer down some because the gigantic threats will then stop trying to flatten you. Once this happens, the family members will then go back to their regular business--allowing you to go in for the bite.

   Learning how to control Mr. Mosquito is critical in getting your blood and also to out-maneuvering the gigantic humans. Itís going to be quite fun and, at the same time, very intriguing, to be able to control such a small specimen, that would likely be unimaginable as a main character in a video game. The most important aspect of flying is to learn is how to mix the turning with the speed. So, in essence, controlling the mosquito is partially similar to a plane or helicopter--learning how sharp you can turn at different levels of speed, managing your direction correctly, and so on.

   To some, this may sound like one really stupid concept, and to others, this may look very fascinating. One thing, however, is for sure, Sony has definitely thrown all their crazy ideas out on the table to make, possibly, the most unique game since Parappa the Rapper for the PS. Whether or not Mr. Mosquito is good, it should be pretty enticing mainly because you get the opportunity to explore a whole new concept in video games. Look out for this mind-bogglingly original title this March.

3/2/2002   Joseph Comunale