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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
Scheduled release date: November, 2002
Publisher: Universal Interactive
Developer: Universal Interactive
Genre: Adventure/Platform
Number Of Players: 1

  Spyro found an very comfortable home back on the Playstation, and established quite the series, appealing to a wide array of people. Well, we havenít heard the last of him yet, as Spyro is making his much awaited return at the end of the year, and heís being brought to us solely by, Universal Interactive.

   Spyro decides to set out on yet another quest because his dragonfly comrades have been kidnapped. The reason they are being kidnapped is because they were supposed to guide the dragonfly youngsters, as they are the source of Spyroís dragon magic. So you, being Spyro, and Sparx, your long time companion, must venture out into the world unknown in hopes of returning the dragonflies to their home and stopping the evil villains.

   Even though Spyro has undergone changes, the basic premise of the game remains the same. Spyro is presented with a wealth of various attacks, all pretty cool in their own way. As in the previous chapters of Spyro, heís accompanied by a fiery breath of flames, burning any unsuspecting enemies he comes across. Adding even more versatility to his arsenal attacks are lightning and ice breath, which effect different types of enemies accordingly. As in its predecessors, puzzle-solving has been implemented throughout the facets of the gameplay, as well as collecting items to unlock further areas of play. Furthermore, a number of mini-games will be mixed in with the in-game action, as well as an assortment of vehicles you can pilot, giving Spyro a nicer variety, gameplay-wise.

   The graphics are coming along quite well, especially at this early stage in development. Naturally, the visuals completely surpass those on the Playstation, but regardless, it still keeps its wacky, cartoonish character build and lush level design. The wide use of particle effects, coming from his attacks and so forth, also greatly strive from the PS2ís power. Spyro has never looked better either, being fabricated with around 5,000 polygons while his milieus share similar eye-candy, also being quite impressive. Speaking of which, the backgrounds also boast interactive and animated objects, and greater draw-in length. Youíll also be happy to know that the action will run in an uninterrupted 60 fps.

   Spyro is looking quite promising thus far. Though, Spyro still has quite a few months of hibernating in his cave before heís awakened in November. Stay tuned to PSX Extreme for any forthcoming information.

4/2/2002   Joseph Comunale