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Scheduled release date: June 2002
Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Kuru Entertainment
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  One of Midway’s latest projects is an action game in which the basic build revolves around a helicopter and some pretty heavy fire-power. Midway, alongside Kuju Entertainment, hopes to rekindle this once profuse genre.

   The visuals that Kuju Entertainment have created thus far are pretty impressive. The backgrounds, explosions, your helicopter and more all have very respectable looks. Also, your chopper is equipped with a turbo function that distorts the background into a blur-like state. During missions, the time can turn from day to night in real-time, and weather conditions will also change to fit their respective locales.

   The game is comprised of 18 missions which are sectioned into four different campaigns. The main objective is centered around hindering an evil army’s plans at wreaking havoc and mayhem at will. Along the way, you’ll fly around, clearing given objectives, and while you’re at it, have the heavy artillery and arsenal to blow up basically anything you please.

   All of the fire-power that’s emitted from your trusty copter, which is replete with weapons, engenders an offensive that’s fully of destruction. Your typical machine guns are intact, and in addition to that, there are EMP dampening weapons, sniper cannons, and swarm missiles, which are all at your unmerciful disposal to stop the antagonists. To top it off, the chopper you pilot will also be upgraded throughout the duration of the game.

   Kuru Entertainment also plans to include a few extra missions in which you will be able to pilot other vehicles for rescue missions. This is a nice little facet that helps to broaden the gameplay and expand the game’s objectives.

   We have high hopes set for this airborne action title, and much to our liking, Kuru Entertainment will hopefully come through for us. Fireblade is currently slated for a June 12th appearance. Check back with us for the full review in coming months.

4/12/2002   Joseph Comunale