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Scheduled release date: May 2002
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Cunning Developments
Genre: Action/Light-Gun
Number Of Players: 1

  The amount of light-gun games on the PS2 is rather scarce, and just a couple of the ones that have been released have actually been worth playing, which makes 3rd party light-guns rather trifling. Well, for those of you with your light-guns ready (specifically the GunCon 2, of course), youíll be happy to know that Cunning Developments is currently working on a game to put it to use and will be released in the next month.

   As the story commences, you are put in the shoes of a heroine who is currently being hunted down by a bevy of mysterious hitmen. As this takes place, you arenít quite sure for the reasoning behind it, as you donít know your characterís background nor do you know her reason for being pursued.

   As far as visuals go, Endgame certainly stacks up against others in the genre. In the midst of gun-firing, background objects such as walls will react coherently to the bullets, and objects such as couches, chairs, and the like will also be animated and destructible if hit.

   Endgame will feature two prime modes to its play: Endgame and Mighty Joe Jupiter. Endgame is the more serious mode that takes you through a more mature story-line while Mighty Joe Youn...err, Jupiter... has you confront midget-like aliens throughout the duration of play (Halo?). Going into the game, youíll have a wide array of choices to play the game. First, you can use your Dual Shock 2, which features fully customizable controls, and in addition you will have the option of using the GunCon 2 or whatever other 3rd party light-gun accessory you can find -- for best results the GunCon 2 is recommended..

   Endgame is surely a different game from most that have come our way recently. It sounds interesting, but there will be some key factors that Cunning Developments will have to employ correctly for the "endgame", or finished product, to be worthwhile. The current ship date is slated for May 21st. Stay tuned.

4/12/2002   Joseph Comunale