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Ratchet and Clank
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: Sony CEA
Developer: Insomniac Games
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

Insomniac Games, creators of the Spyro the Dragon series, are bringing us yet another 3D platformer, featuring a duo of all new heroes here to save the world. Ratchet and Clank, the company's newest project, is a 3D platformer with an edge, telling the tale of Ratchet and his robotic buddy Clank, who rides around on his partners back. The two are on a mission to save the entire galaxy from an evil empire that wants to destroy most of the galaxy in order to create one hybrid planet. 

Ratchet and Clank is very similar to most platformers, but it also differentiates from other games in the genre due to its combative elements. Players will have access several weapons throughout the game, not to mention Clanks remarkable inventory of useful items like a heli-pack. In order to get all these cool items, Ratchet will need to collect bolts in order to purchase them. Bolts can be gained by defeating enemies or often found when exploring the universe. You can use these bolts at automated shops to purchase weapons or other necessary equipment, as well as some nifty extras. Ratchet will need to re-equip often during the game, but the variety of weapons and gadgets to choose from should make things a bit more fun than in other titles in this genre. 

Also, unlike most platform games, there will be no need to collect certain amounts of items in order to progress, and most of the game will be fairly non-linear in terms of exploration. If you get stuck on one objective in a certain level, you can always skip it and come back when you are ready. There will be several different planets to explore throughout the game, but a specific total has not yet been disclosed. 

Ratchet and Clank is currently slated for a late 2002 release, but no specific date has been set as of yet. However, look for these 2 new kids on the block to hit stores in time for the holiday rush.

4/18/2002   Ryan Hartmann