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Riding Spirits
Scheduled release date: Summer 2002
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment
Developer: Spike
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Racing games have hit the PS2 console in just about every size, shape, and color. Though, one form of racing that hasn’t seen nearly as much light is that of motorcycle racing. With Bam! publishing the game and Spike doing the developing, they hope that their foray into this exciting genre proves beneficial.

   The visuals so far appear somewhat lackluster. The look is constructed around relatively simplistic textures, pertaining to both the backgrounds and bikes. Background objects such as signs and inanimate objects just lack that flare that the PS2 is capable of; however, maybe Spike will give them a nice enhancement before the visuals are finalized.

   Riding Spirits boasts 16 tracks set in areas all over the world in countries such as Europe, America, and Japan. The scenery will have a lot of variation from place to place, containing more diversity from a visual standpoint. In addition, each locale will be replete with genuine objects found in its real-life counterpart.

   Spike’s new racing game will be heavily fabricated around a simulation build. So with the emphasis so strongly tied to simulation, main goals in single-player mode will be based upon winning races to acquire money. In turn, you can then upgrade your bikes to perform more efficiently.

   The number of bikes you can choose from is greatly robust, over 150 bikes in all. Additionally, most of the top motorcycle companies will be boasting their best bikes. Companies included range from Honda to Suzuki to even Yamaha. After completing races and racking up some change, you’ll then be able to upgrade your bikes, bettering their performance in aspects such as turning, speed, power, and so forth. If you want, you can even buy new gear for your rider.

   Riding Spirits hits stores this summer, and Spike hopes to create the most realistic experience on two wheels ever. Hopefully we’ll get some more insight at this year’s E3, which is right around the corner. Until then.

4/22/2002   Joseph Comunale