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MLB Slugfest 2003
Scheduled release date: Summer 2002
Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Midways Games
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Being initiated around the success from NBA Jam, Midway has slowly tackled each popular sport and implemented their over-the-top formula. Soccer, basketball, football, and hockey have all undergone this outlandish formula, and now Midway hopes to do the same with America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

   From a visual standpoint, MLB delivers everything and then some. Midway created an over-the-top game play-wise, but they didn’t stop there. The players are bigger, over-exaggerated, and fabricated upon more polygons than the routine baseball game, around 1,500 for each. However, unconventional for Midway, the facial structures will be built around a lot of accuracy and detail. Furthermore, the stadiums are robust, full of life and genuinely rendered, and like any crazy Midway title, the game will play out with tons of special effects that also help define the eccentric play.

   Midway’s extreme basis for making games has varied greatly from the different sports and their corresponding rules. Midway can only do so much to the game of baseball, but what they’re planning to do makes this relatively slow paced game a fast-paced race till the end. Insane dives, huge jumps to stop homers, bats cracking left and right, and a bat/pitch interface never before thought of engenders one wacky, and uniquely spirited, game of baseball.

   The gameplay is very exaggerated; though, don’t let that make you think pitchers will hit home runs, and catchers will catch fouls in the middle of the stadium because those things just won’t happen. Players will still, for the most part, perform accurately, though of course, inspired with an extreme sense of play. And Midway has acquired the MLB license for Slugfest, so everything from players to stadiums to teams to stats are included.

   Midway has chosen a band to perform all of the tracks featured in MLB Slugfest. That said, one of the tracks will be a remix of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". Additionally, you can expect all of the extreme sounds and overly exaggerated grunts from the players throughout the innings.

   Like usual, you can expect a bunch of new info on this game as staffers from PSX Extreme head to the prestigious E3 this May. Look for new stuff on this, as well as so much more, come E3.

4/22/2002   Joseph Comunale