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Aliens: Colonial Marines
Scheduled release date: Cancelled
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Equinox/Check-Six Games
Genre: First-person shooter
Number Of Players: 1

  The Aliens series was put on the map with multiple movies; however, the series is also a long-time veteran on the video game scene, and EA and Equinox/Check-Six Games hope to revive the beloved franchise with the technological supremacy of the PS2.

   Colonial Marinesí story is based off the second movie in the series, and the setting takes place far, far away, in the deep pits of space. As the story commences, you spot a marine space ship stuck in a sunís gravitation pull, and if nothing is done to help, everything in the ship will soon be deteriorated by the sunís massive heat rays. Hoping to rescue the ship and any passengers aboard, you and your crew board the hapless ship. As you and your bevy of comrades enter the ship, you learn that a group of rogue scavengers have taken it over. Acting as pirates, they were hoping to steal anything and everything. Making matters worse, thereís a deluge of aliens also aboard. Itís going to be one long ride.

   The game looks good, very good. The sharp picture, crisp look, and lush textures are all sewn together with a steady framerate, resulting in an impressively polished game. In addition, the weapons are robust with visual appeal because of their plentiful detail, and the firepower thatís spewed out from the numerous weapons are also noteworthy. The framerate isnít currently at its apex, but the developers are aiming for a uninterrupted 60 fps by the time of release.

   Since you brought some backup when entering the ship, most of the game plays with a squad-like style. Also, Colonial Marines plays a lot slower than most first-person shooters and puts heavy emphasis on strategic play. Rather than busting through every room and corridor, blasting away at everything that moves, it is instead wiser to move at a slower pace, always on the watch for oncoming adversaries and making sure you have allies at your side.

   Aliens: Colonial Marines is certainly one of the more promising upcoming first-person shooters. Colonial Marines is still undergoing heavy development and should be ready to hit retailers sometime in November. Look for more, such as weapons and controls, in the forthcoming months.

4/30/2002   Joseph Comunale