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Ratchet and Clank
Scheduled release date: July 20, 2002
Publisher: Sony CEA
Developer: Insomniac Games
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  There have been some additional disclosures concerning Insomniac Studio's latest PS2 title, Ratchet and Clank. From the company that brought us Spyro the Dragon comes a new story, telling the tale of an oddly coupled pair of quirky heroes. Ratchet and Clank will aspire to change the face of action adventure games forever, by offering the largest environments seen in a game, with unique gameplay coupled with amazing graphics that Insomniac claims will showcase the true power of the Playstation 2.

   Set in a mystical universe comprised of dozens of planets, the evil Chairman Drek rules over a polluted planet named Orxon, which is inhabited by an ugly, brutish race known as the Blarg. Chairman Drek has hatched a plan to save the people of Orxon by building a new planet free of pollution. To do so, he is stealing all the best parts of all the best planets in the galaxy. On top of that, Drek has built many factories to create a robot army designed to squash any resistance. In one such factory, a glitch in the computer creates a very small but incredibly intelligent robot named Clank. After realizing the evil plans of Chairman Drek, Clank flees the planet only to have his ship shot down, which lands on the home world of Ratchet, a young mechanical genius who dreams of adventure. After meeting up with Ratchet and informing him of the fate that awaits the universe, this space-age odd-couple embark on a mission to save the galaxy.

   To do so, they will need to blast their way through tons of varied and immense worlds. Ratchet and Clank will fuse together several game genres such as platform, action, adventure, puzzle, and even racing to offer very diverse gameplay. Insomniac promises that players will be able to blow up anything that may lie in their path with a huge arsenal of weaponry and other useful gadgets. With full interaction similar to, but far surpassing, the Geo-Mod system, gamers will find themselves blasting through and blowing up anything they wish. This is all the more impressive for Insomniac's claim that, when it comes to graphics, "the limits are no longer with the technology but with the imagination and abilities of the development team." While that's a hefty claim, the first screenshots of this game are certainly promising. Even though still in the early stages of the game, Ratchet and Clank looks superb, and it stands to reason that they will only get better.

   Look for much more on this game at E3, and yours truly will bring you all the info just as soon as possible.

5/2/2002   Ryan Hartmann