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Dino Stalker
Scheduled release date: TBA 2002
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action/Light-Gun
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Owners of the Namco Guncon, or some other light gun, probably havenít logged too many hours into it thus far. Following up on their Gun Survivor series, however, Capcom Japan is currently working on a first-person shooter thatís set in a prehistoric age and is replete with massive dinosaurs. And for you owners, this one makes full use of the light gun.

   With the dinosaur concept comes loads of innovation. Ask yourself when was the last time I played a dinosaur game, besides the lackluster Jurassic Park games. Exactly, which is why the environments are so robust with originality. The locales are pretty exotic, full of color and life. Likewise, the dinosaurs are also quite impressive and are oozing with that bloodthirsty carnivore look too.

   As you set out on your dino-hunting ways, youíll have the option to choose one of the three selectable main protagonists. Also, they each have their own little story, and this may have been a good choice by Capcom in hopes to boost the level of replay.

   Another innovative facet that Dino Stalker boasts is the level of freedom. You can actually move freely and choose your direction and speed, unlike a conventional light gun game where your movements are all predetermined.

   Thatís about it for now. However, keep checking back because new info will surface in the forthcoming months, including weaponry, controls, audio, and more. Stay tuned.

5/3/2002   Joseph Comunale