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Indiana Jones: The Emperor's Tomb
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: Lucas Arts LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  Indiana Jones, one of the greatest archeologists ever depicted, is heading to a Playstation 2 near you. The game is being produced by Lucas Arts LLC and is currently slated for a fall 2002 release. The game will be developed by The Collective, using their proprietary 3D game engine, which allows for incredible interaction with the game's environments. As in previous Indian Jones titles, players will be able to use Jones' pistol and whip, but in his newest adventure, The Emperor's Tomb, players will also be able to kick butt in hand to hand combat as well. In combat, players will be able to use the modified environments to their advantage, using chairs and broken table legs as handy weapons when need be.

   The game takes place in the Far East, circa 1935, where the Chinese Black Dragon Triad has recently formed an alliance with a German mercenary by the name of Albrecht Von Beck. Together they plan to obtain the Black Dragon Pearl, which has the power to control minds. This precious jewel is said to be in the tomb of China's first emperor, hidden away for over 2000 years. Upon realizing the motives of the Black Dragon Triad and Von Beck, a wealthy Asian businessman known as Marshal K'ai enlists the help of Indiana, asking him to retrieve the pearl so that it can be returned to the Chinese government. The beautiful Mei Ying, K'ai's assistant, will team up with Jones in his race against the Black Dragon Triad, offering assistance in several key parts of the game.

   In order to obtain the Dragon Pearl, Indiana Jones must first find the key to the emperor's tomb, known as the Dragon Seal. The problem is that it has been scattered in 3 pieces, and to find them Indiana will have to trek the globe. There will be 10 different levels in the game, with various and unique locales. Lucas Arts promises huge levels, and with the use of a remarkable new camera tracking system, players will be given the best possible camera angle in any situation.

   There is no specific release date for the game at this time, but more information on this upcoming title should be available at E3, and we'll bring you all the details, so stay tuned.

5/8/2002   Ryan Hartmann