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James Bond 007: Nightfire
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Eurocom
Genre: First-person shooter
Number Of Players: 1-?

  Recently announced, EA has detailed its latest project in the agent spy series James Bond 007. Title Nightfire, the game is a 3D first-person shooter that features a storyline unique to any other title in the Bond series, as it showcases elements that were present in the Bond era dating back 40 years. With 10 exotic environments including the Australian Alps, South Pacific, and even assorted space stations, Nightfire is expected to take players into a realm that has never been explored in the series. The plot revolves around the attempted world domination of Rafael Drake, the criminal character who is involved with a mysterious environmental corporation.

   Development of the game is being handled by Eurocom Entertainment, a UK company that was involved with the N64 The World is Not Enough. Apparently, Eurocom is intertwining both action and stealth elements into the game complete with an assortment of weapons, spy gadgetry and spy craft. Also, there are special puzzle portions of the game where you are seen in a third-person viewpoint. This is designed to add a nice change of pace from the first-person title.

   The Need for Speed development team has even included specific driving sequences that highlight Agent 007's missions. With such vehicles as the Aston Martin Vanquish, players can really optimize every spy technique. Along with specific gameplay features, Nightfire will include in-game cut-scenes to detail specific portions of the game. The graphics are a vast improvement to every Bond title thus far, and truly show off the 3D environments and character detail.

   James Bond 007: Nightfire will be shown at this years E3. While Eurocom is heading development for all three of the console versions, Gearbox will be in charge of the PC version. The game is expected to be release before the end of 2002 and should be great title to look forward to. We will continue to bring coverage of Nightfire, so stay tuned for further update.

5/13/2002   Matthew Stensrud