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Red Faction 2
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Volition
Genre: First-person shooter
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Following up on their huge success with their last installment, Volition is back at work with the latest chapter in the Red Faction series. Though, this time around, the story isnít continued, but instead, a brand new story is begun.

   Almost half a dozen years after the rebel miner invasion on Mars, your placed into a completely new character and a whole new incentive. An infamous leader named Sopot has been cruel and diabolical towards his people, and this act of mistreatment has been going on for 15 years and must be stopped. Taking on the role of Alias, as well as having the aid of five companions, thatís exactly your main motive.

   GEO-MOD was the main facet of the first game that triggered so much hype, and while it was pretty innovative and generally rewarding, it was never that much of a necessity throughout the gameplay. However, the GEO-MOD capabilities have been completely refined and made so that itíll play a major role in the single-player mode -- not to mention the multi-player aspect as well. In addition, goodies and extras will also be placed behind walls and the such, encouraging players to take full advantage of the unique way of freedom.

   The weapons in Red Faction were quite the offensive, but Volition has still improved on the weaponry quite a lot. In addition to RFís greatest weapons -- grenade launchers, sniper rifles, grenades -- players will also be able to utilize new dual-handed guns. And this great augmentation also flares up the multi-player mode nicely.

   Red Faction's single-player mode was excellent hands-down. But on the other side of things, the multi-player mode was basically ignored. The lack of a four player split-screen and the presence of CPU-controlled bots both played a major role in this. Coincidentally, both of these features are being implemented into the sequel, and theyíre both being put in with heavy emphasis on a fun and deep multi-player experience.

   Red Faction was quite easy to control, but for those who arenít as controller-savvy when it comes to first-person shooters, youíll be glad to know that RF 2 will be fully compatible with both the USB keyboard and mouse. Itís also a nice feature for those that are more accustomed to FPSs on the PC.

   Red Faction 2 is looking more and more amazing as it rolls along in development. THQ has already confirmed that RF 2 will make an appearance at this yearís E3. So, therefore, look for tons of new dirt as we update during the event. Weíre especially looking forward to the different multi-player modes and a full list of Aliasí arsenal. Stay tuned.

5/15/2002   Joseph Comunale