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Devil May Cry 2
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Capcom Entertainment announced further Devil May Cry 2 details for the Playstation 2 today. The game will star Dante, the famous character from the original, as he continues to fight enemies with stylish action ranging from sword battles to gun shootouts. DMC2 will apparently expand on the first title with additions in every category. Dante will be able to pull off high, acrobatic aerial attacks, including triple jumps and the ability to run off walls. On the ground, he will use a combination of backflips and cartwheels to avoid enemies.

   Players will also play as a female character who will use a more traditional form of fighting. This brand new character would not be revealed in full force, as Capcom plans to release more information in the future. Along with this gameplay addition, DMC2 will now keep track of players' abilities and adjust the difficulty level accordingly. Once again, the game will be mission-based and should offer various elemental changes.

   An enhanced Devil Trigger move will be available to Dante, which transforms him into a demon that has the power to destroy enemies with one attack strike. Weapons such as Allistor (the sword), handguns, and shotguns will be included, along with many more that Capcom has not revealed. It would be imagined that you obtain better weapons as you progress through missions, similar to the original title.

   PSX Extreme will have hands-on impressions of Devil May Cry 2 at E3. We will continue to bring game details of this upcoming blockbuster title.

5/20/2002   Matthew Stensrud