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Dave Mirra BMX XXX
Scheduled release date: August 2002
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Z-Axis
Genre: Extreme Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2

  No folks, this is no joke at all. Believe it or not, Z-Axis is currently working on their popular BMX franchise and putting a whole new twist into it. In short, the game spells raunchy over and over.

   The basic premise of the game still revolves around BMX riding; however, many new implementations have been added. For starters, the game is chock-full of swearing and violence. These two, usually unpopular facets, however, are nothing compared to its third raunchy addition: nudity. Thatís right, and itís in the form of strippers. After unlocking bonuses and rewards, youíll get the chance to look watch real-life strippers take it all off right on the game.

   Thatís not even the thick of things, though, with mini-games that include stripping off an article of clothing after losing to the other person, similar to strip poker. In addition, regular-game challenges are just as far-fetched, with one objective that challenges you to make two dogs have sex in order to stop them from crapping on your riding grounds. Thatís just completely insane, and itís pretty sick-sounding, as well.

   Other objectives of which are more violent oriented include killing other riders. You heard right. One simple way of knocking out the competition is to simply kill them with a deluge of weapons, including rocket launchers, fire extinguishers, and leaf blowers. And the areas are always growing, as the completion of goals will unlock new areas to explore amidst the given level.

   The Create-A-Player aspect of the game, likewise, is just as grotesque. Ever think of, in the past, creating a naked woman when creating a rider? Well, as awkward and mind-boggling as it may sound, thatís exactly what you can do in Dave Mirra BMX. And taking that astonishment-bar even one notch higher is the fact that you can make her boobs as big as you want.

   The gameplay and controls are virtually the same as previous installments in the series, with the exception of the aforementioned goals and Easter-eggs. In single-player mode, there are eight levels in all to venture throughout, and additionally, the game features over 2000 tricks and 15 top pro riders.

   This is one crazy, raunchy, and flat-out unbelievable looking game. Whether or not itís as good as it is raunchy will be found out when it hits stores this August. You think GTA3 gave video game revolters a good target to blame, just wait till Dave Mirra XXX hits stores. In addition, Z-Axis is currently working on Dave Mirra 3, so donít think that XXX follows along in the series.

6/1/2002   Joseph Comunale