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Crank the Weasel
Scheduled release date: TBA 2002
Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Midways Games
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  E3 surely showed off the goods from the multiple platforms; however, while some showings were no surprising at all -- Devil May Cry 2, Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy XI, among others -- there were others that actually made a name for themselves at the showing. One such game that perfectly fits into that description is Crank the Weasel, which has nearly no media coverage...yet.

   This game looks very different from any current PS2 games, or any video game for that matter. It boasts a rugged look, sporting characteristics from old black and white cartoons as well as newer ones. Itís somewhat hard to describe, so be on the lookout for a batch of screens in the future.

   When you think of a weasel, the words crook, scoundrel, thief, and cheater probably come to mind. Coincidentally, Midway didnít star a weasel in this platform/adventure just for the heck of it. Your objective: to act as all the aforementioned weasel-type characteristics in order to complete your main goal -- reaching Pleasure Island. The desire to reach this dream world will make you act as a crook throughout the game by stealing from other characters in it. You can then sell those items to bidders, which, in turn, will get you a trip to good olí Pleasure Island. The game takes place mostly in Cranks home village, Strachtown, and itís sectioned off into three areas, each of which you must tackle to gain a trip to the dream island.

   This isnít all the game has in store, though, and many see this as Midwayís own rendition of Nintendoís popular Conker series. Glowing with attitude and rebellion, Crank will break boundaries in many various ways. The game is promised to be oozing with humor and maybe even dirty at times.

   While the gameís basic premise sounds fun and unique, we still donít know a whole lot about this hush-hush game. No worries though, as weíll update on this game as information becomes available. Also, be on the lookout for screens in the future.

6/6/2002   Joseph Comunale