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Jurassic Park
Scheduled release date: Winter 2002
Publisher: Universal Interactive
Developer: Blue Tongue
Genre: Action/Simulation
Number Of Players: 1

  Jurassic Park thrilled millions when it first hit theaters quite some time ago. Since then, many games have spawned from it, although few have actually been able to create the same intensity or even close, for that matter -- save for the arcade shooter. The next Jurassic Park video game incarnation take a slightly different path from those that preceded it and oozes with customizability too, mixing together two completely different genres.

   On one side of things, you have the action-adventure scheme, which is comprised of 12 mission-based levels. In this part of the game, you’re character is replete with weapons that have enough punch to impede the dinosaurs’ incentives. There are a gaggle of ways in which you’ll go about the levels, as well. In Chopper Pilot mode, you can fly high, scoping out the terrain and its inhabitants below. Visitor View is yet another mode; here you can traverse the levels in a first-person view.

   Offering up even more variety to the overall score is the other half of the game: the creative side. Those who are running tired of action game after action game can also opt to create their own experiences. Here you can do just about anything: build the areas where your dinos will roam, confine them as you wish, and even build the landscape they’re roaming in. There are also other areas of this part of the game where you can have fun, such as making experimentations on the deluge of dinosaurs by mixing various chemicals in their drinking water.

   While details aren’t too lengthy, this is just about everything on Blue Tongue’s next dino game, and it’s innovation like this that creates some great surprises. Its expected release is currently this winter. Till then, stay tuned for screenshots.

6/17/2002   Joseph Comunale