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Reign of Fire
Scheduled release date: Fall 2002
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment
Developer: BAM! Entertainment
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  With many video games being able to reach fantasy-like proportions that just won’t happen in the real world, you’d think more video games would be based on one of the baddest fantasy creatures, hungry, fire-breathing dragons.

   Based on the movie, Reign of Fire will pit players in the future -- 22 years to be exact -- and gives them the task of trying to gain the upper hand on the dominant race of dragons, whom are on the verge of taking all control of the world. Oh yeah, you’re in a clan with an o’ so fitting name: dragon warriors.

   Playing as the human race, you’ll have the option of three different factions: the military, the Norfolk Militia, or the Kentucky Irregulars. Each one takes you on a slightly different escapade, and with each, comes the ability to pilot an array of different vehicles. This helps diversify the gameplay even more.

   If slaying dragons seems just a tad bit too cliché for you, then maybe you’ll want to turn the tables around. That’s right, after slaying the dragons, you’ll have the chance to play as a dragon and, well, kick some human carcass. Upon starting as the dragon, you’ll be very young, and you’re powers and abilities won’t be nearly as strong. But as the game progresses, your dragon as well as his strengths and abilities will gradually increase.

   The game’s premise is very multi-dimensional and well-rounded as far as gameplay options. Look for Reign of Fire this Fall from Bam!

6/24/2002   Joseph Comunale