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ESPN NFL PrimeTime Football
Scheduled release date: Fall/Winter 2000
Publisher: Konami
Developer: ?
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4

   The competition for best PS2 NFL game is quickly heating up. Sony's GameDay is still a no show but sources say that NFL GameDay 2001 will kick Madden so hard up the anal area that EA's future Madden games will feel it. But since Sony/989 Studios haven't said a word I'll wait to see the game in action for myself. In terms of graphics Madden NFL 2001 is without a doubt the most realistic sports game or videogame ever, EA is surely pleasing my eye with the game's lovely visuals. But will Sony and EA be the only two doing football games for Sony's own PS2? Nope, apparently Konami has stepped up the plate with their ESPN NFL PrimeTime Football title. Along with a baseball and basketball titles, Konami will make full use of their ESPN license by releasing NFL PrimeTime Football. See first screens and read the preview.

   These visuals don't "wow" me as much as Madden first did when it was revealed to the audience at E3. I would say that it has a long way to go to reach Madden's standards. The character detail isn't perfect as you can see from the screens. The joints are

   separated and the arms don't look as realistic as Madden 2001's. Honestly the visuals look more closely to Sega's NFL 2K, the character models are more NFL 2K rather than Madden 2001. But the game is still early in production and these are taken from the dev-kit so we have to wait to see the real-time result, but for now the visuals don't cut it for me.

   There are numerous gameplay modes in PrimeTime. You can choose a regular season, create your own team and build it to win the Super Bowl, create your own athlete and more modes. Multiple camera angles will also be available for you to view the action. Bored of your old plays? Create your very own in ESPN NFL PrimeTime Football. Konami will also be making good use of Sony's polygon power, by making their virtual athletes as realistic as possible, as well as having coaches who are pulling their hair moving around on the sidelines. This is all that's known about ESPN PrimeTime Football so far. The game will be released around November and will be four players.

7/27/2000   SolidSnake