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Energy Airforce
Scheduled release date: TBA 2002
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
Genre: Flight/Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Games taking place amidst the air, whether it’s an aircraft combat, flight simulation, or whatever, are very rare. Because of this, competition is rather light, so fans don’t get to indulge themselves in such games very often. With Taito’s new project, players will be immersed into a realistic flight simulation game that seeks on defining the word ‘simulation’ three times over.

   Diving into the game with the F-16 Fighting Falcon, players will traverse 10 vast levels, engaging in tons of various missions. Although the F-16 FF is one’s only craft of choice in the beginning, players can unlock more as they earn more licenses. By finishing a sequence of various category-specific tasks, you’ll earn the according license. Doing so will grant you access to a number of different ships, all according to what licenses you attain. Among these, you’ll find the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, the U-2, the C-130, the F-35 V/STOL fighter, and many more.

   Of the 10 different levels, players will explore the world over, as the locales span all across the world. Each level will contain a number of missions to accomplish, and while some include protecting and guarding, others will have you set out on more aggressive missions. So players will act as both aggressors and defenders, and sometimes the missions will include a bit of both.

   Taito doesn’t throw this game into the category of flight simulation for nothing, as the team has spent an excruciating amount of time and detail to make the portrayals of these aircraft as accurate as possible, from the roaring of the engines to the crevices, loops, and curves that build up the ships. While visual and aural renditions of the aircraft have just been noted, Taito has also incorporated the planes’ performances into the them, so they’ll act accordingly.

   Energy Airforce is set to hit shelves at the end of the year in Japan, and hopefully the US will receive the game shortly thereafter. With these types of games being so scarce, Energy Airforce’s concept and premise should be rather refreshing.

7/10/2002   Joseph Comunale