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Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Take_two
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

   Microsoft's recent acquisition of Bungie has added a little bump in the road for their title Oni (which is now being taken care of by Take-Two). Bungie was the initial developer of Oni but was bought out by a PC giant Microsoft, with the purchase the project was passed down to Take-Two (creator of Grand Theft Auto series). Future PS2 owners looking forward to Oni had nothing to worry about, everything would be going as planned and that was that. You may have never heard of Bungie because they develop games for PC's and Mac's. Oni will also be released on PCs this Fall 2000, no word on whether or not this is a launch game, but Rockstar can't keep their mouth closed forever.

   The graphical presentation for Oni is anime and I like the way that Take-Two is blending in the anime characters with the detailed 3D backgrounds. It isn't what Sega is doing with Jet Grind Radio, cel-shaded characters rollerblading in 3D backgrounds all with great results. It is different than you think, the main character (Konoko) is in full 3D and Take-Two does a good job editing Konoko's body. Konoko is made up of great precision in the body which by the way is constructed of over 1,200 polygons, meanwhile baddies and other on-screen characters have a fewer 800. The action is all in 3D, but Konoko may very well be the next Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark) or Lara Croft. Oni is a very promising looking game that makes use of some of PS2 capabilities such as real-time lighting and anti-aliasing! Stay tuned for more Oni screenshots enjoy these for now.

   The plot is fairly cliché and you've heard it before but there are enough twists to separate this title from others. You are Konoko a SWAT member who is suppose to stop crime in an anime inspired city. During your journey for peace, your past will haunt you with ghosts or Onis. No reason has been revealed by Take-Two or Rockstar why Konoko is experiencing these events, so I guess that we will have to wait and see. The gameplay in Oni is both hand to hand and weapon based so think Metal Gear with much less stealth. Konoko isn't just any ordinary babe, she got martial art moves and stun moves coming out of the wazoo! She can spring up into the Matrix style and knock a guy flat on his face. Oh and on a final note, Oni looks like it will be quite the game with enormously large 17 environments. We suggest keeping your eye open for Oni, it may or may not be a launch title nothing is for sure now. But reports say that the game will be released before the years end.


7/29/2000   SolidSnake