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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
Scheduled release date: November 15th, 2002
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  While Pandemic Studios is currently working on The Clone Wars, wherein youíll take control over numerous stars and engage in vehicular-combat, yet another Star Wars title is also being developed -- this one by Lucas Arts. This third-person action game, however, strays away from a conventional game in the franchise, by letting the story unravel from a different perspective -- that of the "bad-guy" side.

  With the deluge of Star Wars games to be released, playing as the bad guy is actually a quite refreshing change, giving players a different perspective of the whole Star Wars saga. Interestingly, this hired assassin is given access to all his weapons and gadgets right from the get-go. Jango Fett will also get to utilize a jet pack, which makes things quite interesting.

  The gameís single-player quest is mapped out into 18 different levels, which are subdivided into six worlds. Throughout this strenuous quest, youíll come in counter with a slew of bosses, as well as sub-bosses. The gameís levels will also wield tons of enemies, coming in all shapes and sizes, bent on impeding your progression.

  Fett has definitely been fully pumped with a plethora of weapons, including his standard guns, a sniper rifle, grenades, the whipcord, a flamethrower, and a scanner. In addition to this, you can also expect more weapons -- weíre thinking special, eye candy-type ones -- which are currently undisclosed. One thing is for sure though, and thatís that your player definitely has the arsenal to accomplish the given tasks, and ammo is no longer a worry, as most of the weapons are unlimited in firepower.

  Controlling Jango Fett is fairly easy. X jumps, and the square button fires whichever weapon is currently equipped, which is chosen by the circle button. The jetpack is also an essential throughout and can elevate your player up to 10 meters high and 20 meters to either side. The R1 button locks on to the enemy closest to you, and from here, you can do whatever, such as side step and move backwards, all while facing the enemy and firing off rounds. To make things even cooler though, Lucas Arts has made it so that when your dual guns are equipped and multiple enemies are on-screen, you can actually fire off rounds into two separate directions simultaneously.

  While the game still has plenty of refining before its release, the graphics are already coming along very nicely. Each level is voluminous and filled to the brim with color and architectural structures. Other visual flares, such as smoke and flames, are also very believable looking. Breaking up the in-game play, Lucas Arts has fabricated some fine looking CG scenes, which are chock-full of color, detail and life, and the animations move fluidly and freely. 

  Star Wars fans certainly have something to look forward to later this year, as two promising action titles are hitting stores. Donít forget to check out Star Wars: The Clone Wars too.

7/31/2002   Joseph Comunale