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TimeSplitters 2
Scheduled release date: September 24th, 2002
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Free Radical Design
Genre: First-person shooter
Number Of Players: 1-4 (Online Players Unconfirmed)

  When stepping foot through the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center and officially entering my very first E3, 15 minutes into the ordeal I came across a line of Eidos' linked up kiosks of TimeSplitters 2. I picked up the Dual Shock 2, and began my battle against three human controlled opponents, who were, not mention, more skilled than I was in TimeSplitters 2. After I got the hang of the game, I instantly noticed that TimeSplitters 2 was a sure fire contender to come out as one of the best, if not the best, first person shooters of the year. The action was frantic, exhilarating, fast paced, and most importantly, fun! Now, Eidos has handed me my very own build of TimeSplitters 2, which primarily focuses on the insanely good multi-player facet of the game.

   Visually, TimeSplitters 2 is an exquisite looking title. It features hi-res texture decor, wonderful lighting effects and boastful environmental details. It plays smooth, and at a constant 60 frames per second, which now is the standard for the Free Radical team, seeing as how the original played so extremely smooth and well. Perhaps the best and most noticeable change in TimeSplitters 2 is the fact that unlike the first, motion sickness from the tilting screen and the constantly changing colors are non existent now. One thing that made the original TS almost unbearable to play was the color palette, which was too diverse and made the pupil dilate in and out constantly, as the player made his way through a stage - thus causing nausea and possibly being able to induce seizures.

   Granted, this multiplayer build of TimeSplitters 2 was limited, as it only let us scurry through two locales, but it sure as hell was a blast nonetheless. Some of the weapons I picked up included a shotgun, two pistols, flamethrower, mini-gun, plasma gun, and I've even came across a mounted turret which was tons of fun to use. As far as I'm concerned, and you should be as well, TimeSplitters 2 is shaping up to be one of the most promising console FPS titles ever. With narrowband and broadband online support, not to mention an insanely fun multiplayer facet that allows up to 4-player simultaneous play, TimeSplitters 2 is easily the multi-player game of the year. If you're just looking for an arena frag match, and want to pass up on the story mode, then play the game with 7 other bots in a deathmatch. TimeSplitters 2's is a very customizable game, with a lot depth in the mix to give the replay value one big boost. TS2 is scheduled to ship September 24th.

8/6/2002   Arnold Katayev