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ATV: Offroad Fury
Scheduled release date: November 15th, 2002
Publisher: Sony CEA
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Genre: Racing/Extreme-Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4 (Online Players Unconfirmed)

  Building upon its excellent 4-wheeler series, Rainbow Studios, whose ever expanding resume is becoming more and more impressive, is currently working on the sequel to the systemís great racer, ATV: Offroad Fury. This time RS will be improving on different aspects of the first outing, and now that it has more experience with the PS2 hardware, we can certainly expect a more solid, all-around game.

   ATV: Offroad Fury comes out swinging, visually, featuring a very impressively modeled engine. The levels are deep and vast, filled to the brim with gapes, hills, and jumps. And setting the tone is the scorching rays from the sun that shines above, surrounded by convincingly fabricated clouds and blue sky. The tracks also hold a lot of detail and have an authentic looking, gritty feel, while the players and bikes also look nice, shimmering with color and detail.

   From a gameplay perspective, the game is quite huge, offering up tons of game modes, both single-player and multiplayer ones. The seven included modes are Practice, Single Race, Lap Attack, Time Elimination, Relay, Duel and Pro Career, and there will be 40 different courses to sink your grubby tires into. Helping to split up the monotony throughout the course of the game is the addition of a gaggle of mini games, such as Soccer, King of the Hills, and Treasure Hunt.

   The Pro Career mode is absolutely huge, and is split up into sub-categories: Eastern- and Western Conference, Enduro, Freestyle Stunt, Nationals, and Supercross. When competing here, players can unlock all sorts of Easter eggs, such as new ATVs, new courses, and more. In addition, players will be able to customize and tweak their own ATVs as an added incentive.

   The game plays very similarly to the first one, with a few small tweaks. Veterans of the first game will have no trouble at all picking this one up and going, while newcomers will also have relatively no trouble getting accustomed to the controls. You can also race in a first-person perspective this time, which should bring some added value to the game.

   Even more of an incentive for the mini games is the fact that the game will be hooking up online so that you and three other players can all play simultaneously, without having a small, split-screen view. For those who wonít be playing online, the game still supports up to four players simultaneously via the split-screen.

   ATV: Offroad Fury was one of the greats in the early life of the PS2, and itís proven itself by becoming a Greatest Hit. Rainbow Studios sure knows how to make a solid title, and this one thus far is looking nothing short of just that. Weíll be back with more in the future, so stick around.

8/13/2002   Joseph Comunale