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Nascar 2001
Scheduled release date: October 26th 2000
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

   Throughout the years EA Sports has been the only company to publish officially licensed Nascar games. The games weren't always so great but despite that fans still bought them. Well now EA's Nascar series will be arriving on Sony's PS2 on the launch day. EA has been known for making great racing games, their Need For Speed franchise is arguably the pinnacle of arcade racing games. EA has had great success with the NFS series but not with the Nascar series, let's see if the latest installment of the Nascar series is getting better now that it's on the PS2.

   Honestly I was expecting more from graphics. When I first the screens and the video I wasn't blown away as much as I was when I first saw GT2000, The Getaway or even Ridge Racer V. I was expecting great lighting effects, super smooth car models and realistic looking environments. But my first look at Nascar 2001 wasn't what I hoped for it to be, but should I blame EA, I mean their are many cars on screen at one time although on the other hand the PS2 has the potential to accomplish numerous cars on one screen as well as doing a little extra. The game may be incomplete but look at The Getaway and GT 2000 they look like they have been finished for weeks. Right now my biggest gripe with the game is that the cars lack polish and chroming effects that would make the vehicles look more realistic. Take a look at the screens too and be your own judge. My take on the visuals is that they need improvement.

   The gameplay will be similar to previous Nascar games. Like any other Nascar game, Nascar 2001 will feature authentic racers and cars, as well real licenses such as Tide, Du Pont, Kodak, GM Goodwrench and more. Right now EA is hoping on accomplishing a silky smooth frame rate, they are also looking at making real-time damage as realistic as possible. I'm holding my head up on Nascar 2001's visuals, I will be optimistic about Nascar 2001's visuals when the game is complete but for now I'm not too impressed.


8/3/2000   SolidSnake