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Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon
Scheduled release date: TBA 2002
Publisher: Revolution Software
Developer: Revolution Software
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  The Broken Sword line has been around for quite some time now, and Revolution Software Ltd. is bringing yet another chapter from the series right over to the PlayStation 2, entitled Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, set to release sometime next year.

   The third installment in the series will take characters and elements that inhabited its past stories and refurnish them for a more new-age game, and the game will also play somewhat differently, since it’s now a fully-involved 3D adventure. George Stubbord and his girlfriend Nico will both be included once again as well, for those that have followed the series.

   The story is fairly basic -- similar ones have been seen before. Long ago, a malignant dragon was at the brink of destroying all of humanity. Fortunately, his plans came to a halt, but that halt wasn’t a permanent one by any means. The Templars have come back -- with them they hold a mysterious containment of knowledge about the deadly dragon, and if this horrible news turns into a reality, the world as you know it is doomed.

   Graphically the game has never looked better -- and rightfully so. They grasp a very distinct, articulate look and detail is of the plenty. In addition, all the faces are fully animated, which helps to pull off the story and movie-scenes more convincingly.

   Revolution Software’s adventure is very well-rounded, containing multiple aspects of play and progression. The levels are pretty spread out and work in a non-linear fashion so that players can roam around and have more freedom. Furthermore, many puzzles will be dissipated throughout to impede your progression. These puzzles have various solutions, though, which adds some diversity to the game. While exploring, you’ll also be inclined to climb, jump and use other tactics to traverse the areas. Stealth is another method you’ll use to proceed through areas and hopefully elude the enemies.

   While Sleeping Dragon still has quite the ways to go before hitting stores, the game’s development is furthering positively. Expect the title sometime next year; we’ll have more for you in the meantime.

9/9/2002   Joseph Comunale