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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure
Scheduled release date: November 15th, 2002
Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Tecmo
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is remaking something. Sega is currently remaking Virtua Cop, Nintendo is bringing back Metroid, and now Tecmo is bringing the classic NES title Rygar to the Playstation 2. Of course, there is nothing wrong with bringing a good title back for another run, especially a classic like Rygar. Therefore, Tecmo is putting together a team of developers, veterans of Dead or Alive and Monster Rancher fame, together to bring this classic into the next generation.

   Rygar: The Legendary Adventures is shaping up to be an action-oriented title focusing more on fast paced combat and action instead of exploration or puzzle solving. Rygar himself will start out with three basic attacks, each one useful in its own way, each one using his weapon, the diskarmor. The first and most basic attack allows Rygar to fling his diskarmor out like a yo-yo, hitting enemies close by. It is a fairly quick attack but one with limited power. Rygar can also use the diskarmor by spinning it around in a circle, damaging all enemies in his area. However, when using this attack Rygar is left open to counters from close by enemies, making this a technique suitable only for long distance fighting. The third and most impressive of Rygar's attacks is the ability to latch the diskarmor onto a nearby enemy, swinging them through the air, knocking down any enemies nearby as well. However, like his other spinning attack, this attack also leaves Rygar open to attack in certain situations. Also, throughout the course of the game, Rygar will be able to acquire new abilities, some of which involve the use of his diskarmor. For instance, certain areas will have pitons that Rygar can snag onto with his diskarmor, pulling himself up as if using a grappling hook. This will allow players to access power ups and other important items and locations. Rygar will also be able to fling the diskarmor out and stop it in mid air, allowing him to position himself between it and attacking enemies before pulling it in and destroying all enemies in its path.

   While the majority of Rygar: The Legendary Adventures is based on combat, some emphasis is placed on exploration, in that players will have to search thoroughly for items and locations necessary to continue in the game. The in game screen will feature a map in the lower right hand corner to assist in this somewhat, however it will be left largely to players to find the exits and items they need. Fortunately Rygar will be able to destroy almost anything he comes across, very similar to Drakan. Players will have to smash crates, boxes, even pillars in order to keep going. In addition, not all levels will be indoors either, with a great deal of the game taking place in outside locales. Fortunately the game looks very promising visually, with incredible detail evident in the backgrounds.

   Another aspect of the game that looks very promising is the soundtrack, being recorded by the Moscow Philharmonic with performances by opera star Izzy. The soundtrack will feature heavy classical influences, with possibly some inspiration from the Latin and Greek themes so evident in the game. Whether or not this is a possibility is not yet known, as the preview build of the game from E3 did not feature the final game soundtrack.

   Overall, Rygar: The Legendary Adventures is shaping up very nicely. It is always nice to see developers bring back a beloved title, especially when they do it well, as Tecmo is capable of doing. Look for more information on Rygar as it becomes available.

9/15/2002   Ryan Hartmann