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Devil May Cry 2
Scheduled release date: Early 2003
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Last year, Capcom’s Resident Evil manifestation thrilled millions with its outlandish, blistering gameplay. From the success of that title alone, a sequel was inevitable, and Capcom’s newest endeavor in the Devil May Cry series looks just as exciting in every possible way.

   Dante will have alongside him a heroine to help aid him in his strenuous journey. Not much about her is known at this time, but the red-haired vixen definitely sports an impressive arsenal of attacks, and her character’s persona throughout should be interesting to follow.

   Dante’s outlandish way of kicking ass is back and better than ever, refined in many areas. One of the more intriguing abilities Dante now carries is his new expertise with dual pistols, now being able to shoot simultaneously at an enemy behind and in front of him. In addition, Dante now has a spiffy wall-run ability that allows players to run up, down, and horizontally across walls. Taking things even further, Dante can run up the wall and do a backflip back to the ground, which ultimately places you behind the enemy where you can then attack him from behind.

   Visually, the game still has that Goth, sullen atmosphere, with the addition of better looking particle effects and more intricately detailed environments. While areas are again enclosed with the large hand and later unlocked with the complete conquering of all enemies, more areas are now secluded with the use of transparent red walls.

   Dante’s character model was always one of the coolest looking designed heroes around, but his ensemble and repertoire of weapons both look sharper and sleeker. His animations also flow more fluidly, as do the enemies that are dissipated throughout the levels. Additionally, the devil mode is now flashier and his appearance makes a more significant change from his regular state.

   We’ll have more on the game as it becomes available. Devil May Cry 2 looks to be an eclectic, extraordinary title from Capcom. Make sure to stick around for more extensive coverage in the future.

9/23/2002   Joseph Comunale