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Scheduled release date: November 19th, 2002
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Warthog
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Whether it was Battle Bots, Robot Warriors, or something else, youíve probably seen the a program on TV wherein human-built robots compete against each other and engage in physical massacre, vying for bragging rights. Developer Warthog is expanding this interesting new form of entertainment right over to the video game market, with the help of THQ, and is hoping to create an enjoyable experience that puts you right at the event.

   Visually, the game stands strong and compares to the look on the TV quite convincingly. The bots are oozing with detail and nicks and crannies, while the arenas were sharply rendered and are chockfull of traps and ambushes.

   The gameís comprised of three primary gameplay modes: Arcade, Simulation, and Multiplayer. The Simulation mode plays out just how the show does on TV each week. Players get to construct their own bot beforehand and then take it to war, gaining battle scars and such as they progress. Also, thereíll be hazards and the such youíll need to avoid, and youíll move up the weight class as you progress. This mode is quite the portrayal towards the actual TV series.

   Battle Bots also sports some of the most popular bots that have competed on the show, including Nightmare and Minion. All in all, players can chose from 40 varying battle bots, both recreations from the series as well as totally original ones, each being in a certain class -- light weight, middle weight, heavy weight, and super heavy weight.

   Throughout the 20 different arenas to compete in, players will encounter a number of different arena set-ups and traps, but players can avoid some of them more easily with the right equipment, which is why players can fully customize the bots. Adding, rearranging, and augmenting are all performable. Buying new parts for your bot is simple: win! As you compete through the Simulation mode, youíll gain more money to add more and more to your mechanical grinder.

   Players can expect Battle Bots within the next month or so, and itís good to know that it supports four players simultaneously, which sounds like a lot of endless fun. Stay tuned for more.

9/30/2002   Joseph Comunale