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Treasure Planet
Scheduled release date: November 16th, 2002
Publisher: Sony CEA
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Genre: Adventure/Platform
Number Of Players: 1

  The platform genre has certainly blown up, boasting a handful of top-notch efforts just this last year alone. Bizarre Creations’ latest endeavor is currently in the works, entitled Treasure Planet, and hopes to expand even further on the genre.

   Bizarre Creations’ efforts are based solely on the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Twisting it up a bit, the game will also have a more modernized approach to it, making it somewhat different from the actual book -- and also helping to add some innovation for those who’ve already read the text.

   As you traverse the areas throughout, you’ll be inclined to complete a number of different challenges, some of which you’ll need special power-ups to finish. In addition to there being power-ups to collect, you’ll also face an array of enemies, charging at you in all shapes and sizes. Disposing of them, however, should be no problem as long as you’re experienced, mainly because the controls are very intuitive and precise, letting players accurately control and manipulate their player effortlessly.

   While the game is a platformer at heart, it’s also very well-rounded, including a host of racing sequences, as well. But instead of racing against others, you’ll instead race against a timer, and you’ll do so on a surfboard. This part of the game is certainly well-placed and it really changes up the pace of the whole game. Along the way, you’ll collect a various power-ups and augmentations, some increasing the speed of your board. And likewise, rookies will have full control of their surfing player within seconds upon starting.

   The game’s graphical and aural facets are also coming along nicely. All summed up, Treasure Planet’s premise is very sound and should be an interesting title to keep on the lookout. We’ll have more as it’s available.

9/30/2002   Joseph Comunale