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Street Racing Syndicate
Scheduled release date: TBD 2003
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: Eutechnyx
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Those who’ve enjoyed movies such as The Fast and the Furious will find that same type of intensity in Eutechnyx’s upcoming street racer. This title, based on the night-born sub-culture, hopes to bring all the action, intensity, and side items that make up a thrilling night of street competition.

   Set to launch sometime next year, development team has its focus in a number of different aspects for this law-breaking title. Multiple modes will be included as well as a multiplayer option so that others can play, too. They hope to deliver a good sense of speed and anxiety while, at the same time, adding the intangibles that make street racing what it is: Girls, souped-up cars, lots of money at stake, and the ability to customize and configure parts and options on your car.

   The game’s main mode is shaping up nicely, built with an RPG influence. Players will select a city where they’ll compete in and create a racer. From thereon, they can build up their own status as a racer, competing in both legally sanctioned as well as illegal events. Money and more will be at stake, but for some, pride and status is more important. When you’re not competing in an event, you can attain add-ons for your car, just about everything imaginable, both for looks and performance.

   While wrecks in real life street racing are usually both tragic and, at times, fatal, it’s still an actuality that happens in the world of street racing; and Eutechnyx promises that their damage system will be look and react accurately.

   That’s about all for now, but knowing the main gist of the game, the end result could turn out to be quite promising. We’ll be back with more, so stay tuned.

3/1/2003   Jack Cristiano, Contributor