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NBA Street Vol. 2
Scheduled release date: March 4rd, 2003
Publisher: EA Sports BIG
Developer: EA BIG
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4

  We all knew the inevitable, but not till recently have our thoughts been confirmed. While this sort of game has been popular for over a decade now, it wasn’t until EA BIG’s entry where the genre got back to its feet. NBA Street redefined the way in which players dunked, shook, and shot, and its successor is looking to one up Street’s performance, boasting a deluge of refinements and innovations.

   While not much information has yet to be released on specific locales where the games will transpire, we can expect the large urban areas to fill most of that category. New York, Chi-town, Oakland -- you can expect those and many more, which EA will hopefully disclose soon. And like NBA Street, Vol. 2 will feature life-like additives and variables to increase the authenticity and distinction between the different courts.

   In addition to an up-to-date roster, Vol. 2 includes the addition of legends, letting players test drive their favorite players from the past in a 3-on-3 street contest. Legends to be included are Larry Bird, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Walton, Pete Maravich, and George "Iceman" Gervin, to name a few. EA BIG did a good job adding a legends roster, and many long-time fans will be pleased to be able to step in the shoes of these momentous players.

   Gameplay-wise, NBA Street Vol. 2 also excels to the next level, featuring new jukes, dunks, and animations. The first title covered a wide range of moves and jukes, but there were still quite a few moves seen in the And 1 mixtapes and the such that you couldn’t do in the game. Vol. 2 shortens that list, and players can now, funnily, bounce the ball off the opponents head and turn that into a way to score, one of the ultimate embarrassments in real street ball.

   Other than that, players can expect a more highly-polished graphics engine, with better-looking player models and courts. It’ll also be interesting to what becomes of the new commentary, which should be just as outrageous, if not more so, than Street’s.

   For now, that’s about as much as we have to go by, but we’re excitedly anticipating further press releases by EA BIG. So far, so good. We’ll have more as it becomes available, so stick around.

1/21/2003   Joseph Comunale