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My Street
Scheduled release date: March 12th, 2003
Publisher: Sony CEA
Developer: Idol Minds
Genre: Multiplayer
Number Of Players: 1-4 (Online)

  So I played My Street, and damn was I pleasantly surprised! I got a little demo of the game that had two mini-games featured, Dodgeball and Marbles (not your classic kind of marbles game). For starters, My Street is online compatible, which gets me pretty excited; because, personally, I can't wait to play volleyball (yes the game has volleyball!), or marbles, or dodgeball, or go RC racing against other people. Granted the list of mini-games is nothing like Mario Party's, but regardless, this game is every bit as fun.

   The online mode works in this Everquest-like manner. You are put on a street, with a bunch of other adolescents running amok. Obviously, you can tell where this is going. As you run around yourself, you can approach other characters and challenge them to 7 different games. The single-player mode works the same way. The games aren't as simple as you'd think they would be. Each game has certain different mechanics to be mastered. In dodgeball, you don't just throw the ball carelessly hoping to get somebody at random. You can lock on your target, and either peg him by jumping into the air, or throw while on the ground. You can, of course, dodge the attack by diving out of the way, which requires good timing. Or you can catch the ball and throw it right back -- counter.

   The marble game is unexplainably addictive. There's a group of four kids, one of which you control. There's a marble dispenser that consistently dispenses marbles to the playing floor, which is complete with obstacles and power-ups. As the little marbles fall, you control the giant marble, and you have to carry the smaller marbles by touching them and turning on your marble magnet (sorry, I don't know the proper lingo, I never played marbles as a kid). So, as your holding down the magnet button and bumping into marbles, to make them light up as your color, you have to then take your marbles and drag them to the deposit line, where you let go of the magnet button and the little marbles drop in for points. But be careful, because opponents can steal your marbles, throw you off the playing field (think Bumper Balls from Mario Party), or paralyze you by picking up an anti-magnet power up.

   My Street is just oozing with fun. Those of you, like myself, who are anxiously waiting for online party titles give My Street a look this March -- you may find it to be worth the time.

2/27/2003   Arnold Katayev