Content Test 3

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Scheduled release date: October 15th, 2003
Publisher: EA BIG
Developer: EA Canada
Genre: Extreme Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2 (2-6 Online)

  This year, EA dropped the celebrity voices, combined all of the courses into one big mountain, and added more tricks than ever. If you get on a roll, you can perform Uber Uber tricks, and maybe even Super Uber tricks, though I canít recall if thatís what they were actually calling them. Oh yeah, itís online this year, though we werenít able to connect to anyone at the EA office due to lag, and most of the testers having a different version. Not sure thatís a good sign. The good news is, the controls are as tight as ever, and the tricks are still simple to perform Ė veterans of the series will hop tight in and shred the slopes with ease.

   Regardless of the online issues, the game was fun to play, but didnít really seem to offer anything really new. Most of the time you donít notice that the game is one big mountain, unless you are starting at the top, but a 20 minute run isnít all that appealing to me. Sure, the long run at the end of the last two games was cool, but I donít know, multiple runs that take over 10 minutes doesnít get me all jazzed.

   The snow feels a little more realistic, which just means that your rider feels like they're in really deep snow this time around. There are some new weather effects, like lightning, and on one of the courses, I had to deal with a small avalanche. The drops also seem a little more steep, and a little more narrow, which means youíll be flying down tight turns with your board already turned for the next drop Ė itís pretty cool.

   Itís another one that will sell a ton, but just doesnít feel new enough, especially if they felt Tricky wasnít different enough to earn a number after its name. SSX 3 will rock your socks off in October of 2003.

9/21/2003   Aaron Thomas