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SpyHunter 2
Scheduled release date: November 18th, 2003
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Midway is bringing back SpyHunter yet again and this time there's much more to look forward to. Development of SpyHunter 2 was handed off to Angel Studios, now known as Rockstar San Diego. SpyHunter 2 doesn't just build off of the original, in fact the games don't share many similarities, apart from their likeness and core elements. The sequel is completely redefined, and it's looking incredibly promising.

   Visually, SpyHunter 2 is looking sound, though it's not exactly mind-blowing. Then again, SpyHunter 2 runs at a blistering 60 frames per second and that is absolutely crucial for a game like SpyHunter 2. Technical stuff aside, there's a lot that will please the eye in SH2; eye-candy is everywhere. The explosions look great and the new Interceptor's design kicks all sorts of ass. Top that off with nice track design and superb draw-in distance and Midway's got itself another winner.

   Now on to the real beef of SpyHunter 2. SH2 includes a plethora of new elements for the gamer to work with. For starters, this time around you are piloting an all new Interceptor, one that can transform into an off-road 4x4 vehicle, a snow ski, and an off-road bike. The Interceptor is fully upgradeable this time around, as you will be allowed to purchase parts to enhance offense and defense. Added to SpyHunter 2 is a second character, though her story remains a mystery. SH2's arsenal of weaponry is quite boastful. In addition to the original weapons such as missiles and oil slicks, there are auto-tracking turrets, an indestructible temporary shield added, and more.

   In total, SpyHunter 2 will offer 16 varied missions with a good range of objectives for each mission. You will soar through 4 distinct locales as you wreck havoc and get rid of the enemies that stand in your way. Each locale's levels are superbly designed with interactive environments and various hidden paths. As if the aforementioned wasn't enough, SpyHunter 2 will feature a variety of new NOSTRA enemies, not to mention grand boss fights and even a sophisticated physics engine.

   At this point, Spy Hunter 2 is set for a November 18th release. The way things are looking, expect SpyHunter 2 to deliver one hell of a punch. SpyHunter 2 is an action-packed title that will surely please fans of the original, and even the ancient one that debuted back in the 80s. Look out for it.

10/15/2003   Arnold Katayev