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Sonic Heroes
Scheduled release date: January 7th, 2004
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Platform
Number Of Players: 1

  Sonic the Hedgehog - a videogame icon that's over a decade old, and still burning bright in the memories of gamers around the globe, both young and seasoned. Now that Sega's no longer in the race to create awesome gaming hardware, the lot of us have been anticipating better games from the veteran company, especially a new sequel or spin-off in the Sonic series. Unfortunately, since the official "death" of the Sega Dreamcast, not a single Sonic game was developed for the Playstation 2. Finally, for Pete's sake, Sega has brought a multiplatform game that features everyone's favorite hedgehog, and some of the more popular characters in the Sonic universe, to the 2004 lineup of games. Enter "Sonic Heroes", a game that looks to be Sonic's most promising 3D adventure yet.

   Yup, Dr. Eggman is in his "world domination mode" once again, and it's up to Sonic and his pals to stop him. But it's not the same old "blaze through the stage" formula. The new Sonic game consists of tag-team action to complete unique missions, clear multiple specialized stages, and beat the snot out of Eggman and his baddies times three. There's 12 characters, three to a team, and each one with their own special abilities to contribute to their respective posse. The teams are Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Chaotix (these guys debuted in the Sega 32x game, "Knuckles' Chaotix".), and Team Rose; it is advised that you experiment with formations for your chosen team so that you will learn the best way to defeat your enemies. Each stage will have multiple paths to take along with the multiple missions to provide hours upon hours of gameplay. The graphics are vibrant, atmospheric, and blazing, as your team races and rumbles to complete each stage. And there are spiffy CG movies to progress each team's story.

   Looking at Sonic Heroes, it's shaping up to be awesome. It makes me think about my old Sonic games that I have stored in a storage box deep within the bowels of my basement. Now, I would have to pull them all out and play them all over again, just for old time's sake. It was cool having grown up playing as Sonic in his fast-paced adventures, and I'm glad his chapter in this society of quickly evolving technology has not yet met its end. And I doubt it will for a quite some time, as long as Sega keeps dishing out innovated ideas such as this new piece in the Sonic line of games.

12/3/2003   Alexandria Long