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Scheduled release date: February 11th, 2004
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Overworks
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

   Shinobi fans, look no further. Tokyo is once again plagued with menacing demons and monsters, and the government officials have called upon fresh Oboro clan talent to rid Japan of the new crisis. This new ninja hitting the scene is Hibana, a young female ninja with killer skills and an equally killer body. Showing promise as a young fighter, she was trained early by an esteemed Oboro warrior; as such, she is able to strike with sharp precision and incredible speed. Hibana battles evil minions in Sega's Nightshade, a new tale within the Shinobi game universe.

   Graphics look very sleek and fit the atmosphere of a modern Tokyo in ruins. Hibana's ninja suit is a gorgeous red and silver color scheme, and it vaguely resembles the suit worn by the famed shinobi, Hotsuma. Players can battle in Story, Time-Attack, and Survival modes, which should test the skills of even the most seasoned Shinobi patron. Hibana battles fierce foes in environments such as atop a moving fighter jet, trucks, and more, all the while dodging enemy fire. She alone must make her way through thirteen destructive environments to vanquish armies of Hellspawn newly summoned by the ancient Akujiki curse.

   As a ninja taught in the way of the Oboro, she has mastered the ancient Tate Attack, a move that players can use to slay a multitude of enemies at once. Using the Stealth Dash, Hibana leaves a shadowy decoy behind her as she runs circles around and confuses her opponents, which makes them vulnerable to the fatal blows of her swords. Demon destruction and health restoration are possible with powerful ninjutsu (ninja magic). Players are in for some intense non-stop ninja action with devastating mid-air assaults and defense maneuvers for their demon-slaying enjoyment. With the increasing number of female gamers out there, it is appreciated to see strong female roles within games such as Nightshade. And with a fierce heroine like Hibana, this game is a welcome addition to the Shinobi series.

12/16/2003   Alexandria Long