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Crimson Sea 2
Scheduled release date: March 31st, 2004
Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Koei Corp. has developed the sequel to Crimson Sea, which is an Xbox exclusive, exclusively for the Playstation 2, scheduled a late March 2004 release. It's the story of a galaxy battling with an alien threat that mercilessly murders thousands and injures IAG (a galactic protection agency) investigators that were hot on their heels. The crisis leaves room for a human-alien hybrid Sho to destroy the alien enemies and find the missing IAG agents along his journey, the newly founded G-squad, in order to deal with the alien menace. In the second game, Sho must find new recruits to replace his friends that were dispersed throughout the galaxy after the new surprise attack from the aliens.

   The excitement of Crimson Sea 2 is one of heart-pounding action and eerie suspense. The game sports brilliant graphics with vibrant visual effects. The alien enemies are rendered nicely and look quite creepy. The game's worlds are strange yet have beauty to them with realistic environments. The intensity of situations in Crimson Sea 2 is more enthralling than the original; you never know where or when the enemy will rear its butt-ugly head. Sho has more help in the form of a new playable character, and there are three new modes of play to dominate. Players can team up against the enemy in Co-op mode, battle each other to the death in Versus mode, or compete for the highest score in Competition mode.

   The game features non-linear gameplay and has over 60 different missions. Players can choose among several missions created for each stage, such as penetrating an enemy stronghold to gather intelligence or rescue a stranded dignitary. Even if a player quits a mission, the characters still develop their attributes and weapons; this allows players to return to missions that were to difficult to beat the first time. Along with a new variety of weapons and effects, comes a new series of Neo-Psionic attacks that can turn the tide of battle with a single move. With combining various weapons and Neo-Psionic techniques, a player can attack multiple enemies and achieve massive, thousand-hit combos.

   Having new characters, expanded story, wonderfully developed worlds filled with fear and tension, and an insane battle system, Crimson Sea 2 brings the series to new heights and to many players who didn't experience the first game that was Xbox only.

3/3/2004   Dmitry Malayev