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The Getaway
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Studio Soho
Genre: Action/Racing
Number Of Players: 1 (1-?)

  Alright, alright shut yer trap already, here take your damn The Getaway screenshots, you happy? We have just snagged five in-game screen shots of The Getaway. Studio Soho's Driver-esque game has finally come out of the dark. Now it's clear that first screens of The Getaway were most likely computer rendered concepts or a cut sequence, either way the current visuals look extremely good. The graphics still haven't been anti-aliased or de-flickered but The Getaway isn't scheduled for release until April or May of 2001. The car models look awesome, they've got everything from side mirrors to hood ornaments attached to the car. The visuals are still rough this point but believe me the future screens will have your jaw on the floor. Meanwhile I'm impressed with the amount of pedestrians, street signs, buildings textures in general, and traffic that is all on one screen. Enjoy these newly released five screens and stay tuned for more to come.

   (This is a short update to our preview. For the full preview look for the link below)


9/9/2000   SolidSnake