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Twisted Metal: Black
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Incognito
Genre: Action/Racing
Number Of Players: 1-?

  Today at the Sony Gamer's Day 2000 event, they revealed the fifth Twisted Metal game and it will be arriving on the PS2. The official name for the new Twisted Metal game is Twisted Metal: Black. The Twisted Metal series has been long running franchise on the Sony Playstation. To this day the Twisted Metal series is one of the best selling franchises out there, with the exception of the horrible TM3. I won't get into the history of the series because we all know what happened, so just read this preview.

   Sony revealed quite a lot on the game and I'm here to deliver the goods in this first info early preview of TM: Black. The game was shown in playable form, but there were no playable kiosks of TM: Black present. The graphics are clearly early but still look rather good. The vehicle detail is very solid, but lacks a little chroming effect to really bring out the grace of the series. Though what the visuals currently lack, they make up in the special effects. Explosions look fantastic, almost as if the Star Wars crew worked on them. The colors are vibrant, look realistic and welcome the TM series to its new home. The PS2 is certainly the console to create a game like TM: Black, with the raw force of the Emotion Engine and the Graphics Synthesizer, Twisted Metal: Black can easily be one of the best looking games of 2001.

   Characters like Sweetooth have gone through dramatic changes. Sweetooth is now a Godzilla like carbot, instead of an ice-cream truck, but it isn't known if that is his regular form throughout the game or not. The Twisted Metal series on the PS2 is going the right direction, the original crew who developed Twisted Metal 1 and 2 will return to work on the game under the development name Incognito Studios. David Jaffe who is the Senior Game Designer of the company, announced that he was content with the first two TM, and wanted to return to his roots. He also made a note that TM: Black will be arriving on the original Playstation as well. With the return of SingleTrac... excuse me Icognito Studios the next TM already feels like Twisted Metal 2 in many ways. For example, just like in TM2, TM: Black will also have pedestrians in the environments, but the extras will be traffic, changing weather, and interactive objects for more mass destruction. There will be over eight courses to choose from, with 14 different vehicles to destroy. The physics have been tightened as well, so no more flipping around. New modes include Pure Death Mode, Endurance and Co-Op Play. There are over 10 deathmatch areas to wreck havoc upon. And finally the game will run at 60 frames per second even on the four-player battles! These are features of what are expected to be in the PS version (yes even the 60 frames feature), but I guarantee you that the PS2 version will be that and more. As soon as public shots of the game are release we will be all over them like a loose football.


9/28/2000   SolidSnake