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Project Eden
Scheduled release date: May 2001
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Core
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1-?

  Core mostly known for their Tomb Raider franchise are stepping onto the battleground where Playstation 2 games rule. The Tomb Raider franchise is obviously not as popular as it first was a few years ago, and Core definitely realizes this. They have set sail on a whole new adventure called Project Eden, which by the way is the game's actual title. Project Eden was announced last year during July, Eidos who would be publishing the game is currently aiming at a May 2001 release date. Read our initial preview of this anticipated action title.

   Take a look at a few early version screenshots of Project Eden (Eidos is being stingy with screenshots, so sue us!), you can tell that many of the PS2's key areas are being put to work here. The lighting seems to be fully intact, as environments look incredibly realistic, because of the great lighting. The character models, though look even better in the newest build of the game, still looked pretty good at this early version of Eden. And while Eidos is tight lipped about the polygon stats per character, I'll fill in the gaps and say that roughly 1,000-2,000 polygons make up one body, not bad, huh? We'll try to find some more screenshots of Project Eden, but for now this is all we have.

   Straying from the Tomb Raider franchise, Eden will be allow gamers to travel in a 3rd person view, and give them the ability to switch to 1st person view with the touch of a button. The action will be squad based, not necessarily like Rainbow Six is, instead it will be a mixed breed between Oni and X-Squad, but more action involved and hopefully a great camera to keep the action flowing at all times. You will be granted four characters in the beginning: Andreas, Amber, Carter, and Minoko, after that you will be allowed to play as human controlled robots. All hurray and rejoice, Core has said that they are at work on building the four-player mode for Project Eden so that friends [or enemies] could square off in co-ops or deathmatches. No definite release date has been given, but according to EB World, signs point to May 15th, 2001, hey, that's my b-day!

2/13/2001   SolidSnake