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High Heat Baseball 2002
Scheduled release date: Spring 2001
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: 3DO
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-8

  The Playstation High Heat games were nothing more than trash, horrid visuals, gruesomely slow gameplay, choppy commentary and just an overall un-inspired package that should've never seen the light of day. Although all is different for the PC counterpart, as it is not-only a baseball sim, but the PC's best baseball sim. The PSOne was just too weak to handle the sophistication needed to make a game like High Heat play as it did on the PC, but no-one ever said that the PS2 was. 3DO has let loose all of the info on their PS2 version of High Heat Baseball 2002, and trust me folks, this game looks "so reeeeeeeeeeaaaaal".

   Well okay, I feel stupid now that I can't provide you with any evidence to show you how HH2002 looks like, but I have seen it in action myself, and I must say I am quite impressed. 3DO's team looks like they are doing a top-notch job for a first generation game, the athletic detail is quite superb, the characters are made up of some fine detail, sporting thousands of polygons each, 3DO is currently pushing the PS2's early artillery, and me likes. Each stadium will be composed of 10,000 polygons, which basically means that the ball parks will pretty much be replicas of the originals. If we aren't able to score any screenshots of the game, any time soon, then we will deliver shots when we get a reviewable copy of High Heat Baseball 2002, in the mean time we'll try to hunt down a few.

   What do you really want to expect from a baseball game, no matter what the developer would say you pretty much know how this game would play. Like any standard baseball sim, this game will also let you choose from an exhibition game to a full season, and even a Create-a-Player option, for those who like to include new faces into a cast. Besides modes, 3DO packed this game with things such as working stadium clocks, a big jumbo tron, referees will be on screen, and so will general managers and coaches, maybe even they'll even include arguments like EA did with FIFA 2001. Not much more to say, except really, only time will tell if this PS2 game will be as good as the PC wonder. At the moment an April release is being looked at by 3DO, but so is EA and Acclaim with Triple Play Baseball and All-Star Baseball 2002, we will try to have all three games reviewed and maybe even toss together a comparison list, for you the gamer.

2/15/2001   SolidSnake