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Legacy of Kain: Sour Reaver 2
Scheduled release date: Summer 2001
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

   Being one of the PSOne's most anticipated (and yet most delayed) games ever, Eidos' Soul Reaver still remains a PSX classic. It pushed the limits of the console, especially in the visual section, morphing environments were just one of the many highlights that made this game what it is today. The character detail, although looked slightly sparse, was still intact, the bodies were finely constructed and didn't show a single polygonal seam or breakup. The environments were huge, and featured so much to desire, that words can't even describe it. The gameplay was beyond exceptional, the gothic tale and the blended mix of RPG, action, adventure, and hand-to-hand combat made Soul Reaver an even more enjoyable game that it already was. Voice acting definitely made you feel as if you were controlling a movie title. Soul Reaver delivered in every area imaginable, and with Crystal Dynamics delivering the second title very soon, can it compare to the original. Read the full preview and check out the magnificent screenshots.

   What Soul Reaver had was tons of glowing special effects, we saw spells, souls, fire and the Soul Reaver sword itself. With PS2's ability to do what it can, Crystal Dynamics has added even more glitz and glamour to perk up the visuals a notch. The Soul Reaver sword returns, and as you can tell by the screenshots, it looks better than ever. Its glow has become far more radiant than it ever was in the PSOne version, which makes me wish I had a Soul Reaver as well. The gothic environments have returned in their fully-pledged morphing form. The detail looks marvelous, Crystal Dynamics is doing a great job in keeping the atmosphere as creepy and yet as admirable as possible. The character detail is far more promising than I thought it would be, Raziel looks magnificently detailed and the amount of work poured into him is noticeable, as he is one of the best looking videogame characters I have seen to date. Why don't I stop my rambling, and you start drooling over these luscious screens.

   Like Soul Reaver the original, Soul Reaver 2 will also require you to walk around gothic environments of Nosgoth. Raziel will still be sucking on souls and thrusting his Soul Reaver through his enemies' bodies, but this time around he will be able to do something new with it. Lighting the Reaver on fire is one of those new things, as you can see in one of the screenshots, all Raziel does is stick his Reaver into a flame and let it light up. Raziel will still be able to fight hand to hand, since he has to have his health full in order to use the Soul Reaver, along with fighting his gliding and high jumping will also make way back to the sequel. Moving blocks into lowered ground, a lot like Zelda, will also be required in order to get to those hard to reach places, or just to open up a locked door. Soul Reaver 2 will play almost exactly like the original, but that can only be a good thing, and hopefully this time around the game has an ending! Soul Reaver 2 is scheduled for a May 2001 release date.

3/3/2001   SolidSnake