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Test Drive
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Pitbull
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-?

  We reported to you a while ago with a short preview of Test Drive PS2 when it was barely in development and at that time we were impressed. Now Pitbull has had even more time to get this game going, and so here it is, the seventh Test Drive game. Having been released on the Genesis, PC, PSOne, Game Boy and now the PS2, the TD series has lived it all. But surely no matter what anyone says, this game looks absolutely stunning. I must admit that to this day Test Drive 5 is my favorite of all three released on the PSOne, TD4 being the very first I ever played. Although I did play the previous TD titles after I played Test Drive 4, and well to say the least for the consoles they ran on, they were decent. In this new era it seems as if racing games are the most popular, we've got over a dozen on the Playstation 2 in the US, need I say more? And so with the revelation of Test Drive we await EA's announcement of Need For Speed PS2, but in the meantime enjoy this updated preview along with 7 screenshots.

   I was extremely impressed with the video I saw for Test Drive PS2 a while ago, but I'm far more impressed with these screenshots though. As I glance at them, the only word that rotates in my head is "gorgeous", I can't help to get over the amazing detail, shine and polish that the car models have. If I didn't know any better I would swear this is Gran Turismo in the streets. The detail level is so high that even the manufacturer's logo can 'easily' be noticed. Such as the one Nissan Skyline gameplay screenshot, look at the back of the car in the center, the Nissan logo is incredibly easy to make out isn't it? Little details like that get big points from me. The background's look amazing as well, the pop-up seems to be incredibly limited, the trees are fantastic and the buildings just look spectacular. Check out my previous preview of the game for in depth visual detail which includes numbers and special effects that Test Drive will feature.

   'Beauty vs Beast' is expected to come back for Test Drive PS2, but not as it once was on the PSOne versions (TD 4-6). This game will feature more exotic vehicles such as the Test Drive signature Dodge Viper car, or Shelby Cobra. As you can tell by these screenshots, the Skyline GT-R and the Salene Ford Mustang 2000 will be included into the pack of what may be a list of over 50 cars. Tracks such as San Francisco will be making a return, possibly a few PSOne TD tracks, along with original tracks just so Deja Vu doesn't stink up the game. Pitbull Syndicate will be implementing a two-player split screen mode as well, just so that you would know. No final release date has been set by Infogrames, but Fall 2001 is currently in effect.

3/15/2001   SolidSnake