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NBA Street
Scheduled release date: Summer 2001
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada/NuFX
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2

   EA is easily synonymous with the sports genre. Their PS2 sports games such as Madden NFL 2001, NBA Live 2001, FIFA 2001, Triple Play Baseball and NHL 2001 changed the way we all look at sports games today. Then we have Midway, the creators of the NBA Jam series and NFL Blitz series, the two games that took the laws of sports and inserted them into the shredder. Now take a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B, and what do you get? EA's newest hoops title called NBA Street. While it will play like NBA Live and NBA Jam, and the game's wacky cast of original [as well as real] athletes will particularly remind gamers of the NBA Jam series. Read the full preview of NBA Street, and check out the very pretty screenshots.

   Well the visuals appear to be similar to those in NBA Live 2001, but it seems like slight improvements have been made in the athletic detail. The players look a bit more realistic than they did in NBA Live 2001, but still look nearly the same as they did previously. Little adjustments such as skin-smoothing and more detailed ball handling will be implemented. By ball handling I am referring to the fact that the players will actually look as if they are dribbling the ball by clenching their hands in the correct position, so it won't look like they're slapping the basketball, like it does in NBA Live 2001. You can also notice that the sneakers look quite good as well, hopefully there will be various designs influenced by actual sneakers.

   Taking place on street courts, NBA Street is a game that stars both fictional ball players with monster afros, and licensed NBA athletes such as Vince Carter, Anthony Mason, Kobe Bryant, Marcus Camby and Latrell Sprewell. You will be able to play games like 21, Around The World, or if you want to just a game of 3 on 3. I believe that the NBA players have to be unlocked as a whole, so that means that some sort of tournament like option will be available for your to complete in. Special moves such as alley-oops and slamma jamma dunks can be performed with the touch of a button or two. But remember, like NBA Jam, 'goaltending' is still a rule, so you'd better not get too cocky.

   NBA Street looks like an incredibly promising title, not just an attempt to cash in, and since the game will be under the EA BIG logo, good things are only expected by me. At the moment NBA Street is currently scheduled for a Summer 2001 release date, we'll try to get more info and screenshots ASAP.

3/22/2001   SolidSnake