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Yanya Caballista
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-?

  Well okay, maybe the Tokyo Game Show 2001 isn't half as Sony-numb as last year was. Some exciting games have been shown off as well as revealed. Koei revealed a exquisite Playstation 2 game that is part Tony Hawk and part Jet Grind Radio! And to tell you the truth, I WANT TO SEE THIS GAME IN THE U.S. KOEI! The visual presentation is 100% cell-shading, which is the exact same artistic feature that was used in Jet Grind Radio, and is included in the upcoming sequel to Klonoa. The game isn't exactly a 'visual demographic' on the PS2, but the ingenuity for the artistic flare will certainly make the game earn some big points in the visuals category. Take a look at the screenshots of the game, I think they speak for themselves.

   The Tony Hawk aspect is quite obvious, this game uses skateboards as its means of transportation, and there is a described reason for that in the game too. In order to get a clan of aliens out of your residing area, you must face them in various matches where the skateboard is the primary weapon. You have to pull off nasty tricks for sick points, grind as much as you possibly can, and best of all, discover hidden areas. These aliens are called Gawoo's, they will be your worst enemy for the time being, live with it! This Tokyo Game Show announcement made me completely forget that XBox will be getting Jet Grind Radio, because we may very well get an even better game.

4/2/2001   SolidSnake