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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Scheduled release date: October 2001
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Easily the most anticipated videogame yet, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, is a game that will crush all opposition. The first Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne proved to be one of the greatest videogames ever created. Its amazing story, intriguing dialogue and plot twists are a perfect blend and make MGS such a memorable adventure. While many including I, will argue that Final Fantasy VII is the PSOne's best game, just as many people will tell you that Metal Gear Solid is. If I had to choose one, I would go with FFVII simply because it had more replay value, if MGS had an extra 7-8 hours of gameplay, my pick would've been Metal Gear. The plot development was something remarkably high in Metal Gear Solid. The characters such as Meryl, Otacon and especially Naomi all had very detailed and yet interesting lives. We don't know much about Snake, but that's the beauty of excellent character development, the hidden and unseen appreciate being unknown. Metal Gear Solid is definitely one game I will never forget, and you can already add Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty to that list.

   Visually Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has no comparison, there were times when I thought I was checking out an FMV of some sort, but I scrolled back the words the Konami rep told us all at E3, when she announced that all of the cut-scenes were real-time. So indeed, MGS2's clips run-off the game engine, and my what a spectacular sight it is. I'm sure you've pretty much seen all of the dozens of screenshots, so you know what the game looks like. High definition character models, with absolutely no aliasing issues, visually stunning backgrounds and environments that look damn near pre-rendered, but aren't. That is still an understatement though, basically words cannot describe Metal Gear Solid 2. It may possibly go down as the best looking game of 2001, but judging from what I saw of Final Fantasy X at TGS, MGS2 will certainly have a battle on its hands. The camera has been positioned differently, it changes from the area that you are in, so a tight corridor may set the camera slightly upwards and behind you. It really does vary many times, the camera work is a huge plus for MGS2. See the screenshots after you read this to see the camera angles.

   As it seems, MGS2 is supposedly following the Otacon ending, where he gives you the Stealth suit and Meryl dies. But since this demo is only an hour or so long, the story is still quite vague, and I'm almost sure that Hideo will find some way to insert Meryl as an accompanying character in MGS2. After all, remember, Otacon told Snake not to worry about him, at the end of the game. He was pretty much telling him that he'll find a way out, so as Snake escapes with Meryl, Otacon escapes on his own, but since the game really did leave us hanging on that issue we won't know for sure. My guess Meryl and Otacon have made it into MGS2, I'm almost certain of it. The demo starts off with Snake walking alongside of the Washington Bridge, right here in New York City. It's dark and rainy, but Snake is calmly smoking a cigar, then begins sprinting as he activates his stealth suit. He jumps off the bridge landing on a ship of some sort, where the demo will take place in. You are greeted by Otacon and will be told on how to play MGS2.

   You will start off with a Tranquilizer Gun, which you can actually beat the whole game with. That's right! You heard me, you can finish this game without killing a soul. If you want to, you can find and pick up a gun, but since it's not silenced, the Tranquilizer is the smarter choice. The game plays differently than the original, not only is the AI incredibly smart, but they've got tricks up their sleeves. One trooper stuck his hands up after I pointed a gun at him, he patiently waited for me, and just when I hit the first-person view button he attacks me with the spine of his weapon. I was in complete shock, but I was still able to put his ass to sleep, along with his three buds, and then I literally tip-toed over their bodies, being cautious not to pre-maturely awake them. The demo is filled with features that previous MGS players will notice in a split second, throwing a Chaff grenade to disrupt camera activity, and knocking on walls to get the enemies attention is one of them. This demo is certainly the most fun I've had playing a demo, I've beaten it countless times, and always find something new, like SolidSnake getting "arroused" by one of the Asian model posters, it's quite a hoot, and got us laughing for a while. I just want to mention, if you are going to spend $50 on ZOE for the MGS2 demo, that is very shallow. ZOE is one of the best PS2 games available today, and with Hideo Kojima producing it, it shows a great deal.

   Remember folks, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty will ship in October of 2001, and it's bound to be the best thing since sliced bread.

4/4/2001   SolidSnake